Klaus Werner-Lobo, Hans Weiss: The Blackbook on Brand Companies

The machinations of corporations – and what we can do to curb them. A must-read for the socially engaged consumer!

Large corporations have one goal above all others: maximum profit. Decent working conditions, ethical principles and environmental protection are more often than not secondary concerns.

Schwarzbuch Markenfirmen remains a milestone of criticism on modern globalization. Financial and economic crises and progressive market concentration — with fewer than 150 multinational corporations dominating the global economy — have changed the world. It’s high time for a new Blackbook

The authors take a close look at the new generation of global multinationals — such as Amazon, Facebook, Google and Apple — and their tax avoidance tricks, as well as re-examining some familiar classics such as McDonald›s and Coca-Cola. They make it clear that
each and every one of us can make a difference, as there is an ever-increasing arsenal of weapons at our disposal to combat the growing threat of globalisation.

Revised and updated edition of the international bestseller

There are 15 translations available. For foreign rights please contact

Annette Lechner
Zsolnay Verlag/Deuticke Verlag
T +43-1-505 76 61-12
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»This book will hardly fail to provoke a reaction. It attacks corporations at their most vulnerable point — their reputation.«
Der Spiegel
»Compiled by two journalists, Schwarzbuch Markenfirmen
is a nonfiction thriller you won’t put down in a hurry — and (even worse) it’s bound to linger in your mind.«
Deutschland Radio
»What this book offers is nothing less than a blueprint for the future — at least for democratic societies.«
Frankfurter Rundschau
»A must-read for every socially conscious consumer.«
Günter Wallraff
»I have the utmost respect for the two authors. They have produced an excellent, rousing work.«
Jean Ziegler

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  1. hallo ich finde dein buch super… bin gerade eine Weltreise am machen und hab dein buch auf englisch oder Portugiesisch gesucht aber nicht gefunden… ich versuche es an Hostals und Hotels zu zeigen das jeder sein Beitrag für eine bessere Welt machen kann… kannst du mir den Namen auf portugiesisch oder englisch sagen dan kann ich es bestellen… vom buch: Uns gehört die Welt! Macht und Machenschaften der Multis. oder das: Schwarzbuch Markenfirmen.
    vielen dank 😉

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